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What is your name. What company do you represent and where are you from originally?

Heather Mobley of Heather Mobley Photography… Originally from California.

How long have you lived in Spain and where are you currently based?

Living in Madrid, near Retiro… We have been here for 2.5 years

Did you learn Spanish before you came here. How would you describe your Spanish language ability.

My Spanish vocabulary is reallllly lacking, but I understand about 70% of what is being spoken to me.

How important are your language abilities in relation to your business?

I generally work with ex-pats who speak English, so in my business, Spanish is not essential.

What inspired you to start HEATHER MOBLEY PHOTOGRAPHY?

I have long loved imagery and studied Film/TV/Photography at university. Photography is the perfect union of artistry and technical skill for me… I just love it! Getting to work with people and suspend their memories in time is not only a joy, but an honor.

In your experience, are there any specific negatives or positives to conducting business in Spain?

The photography scene in Spain is going through a big transition and I am excited to be here to see it happen. Traditional hyper-posed, stiff portraits are on their way out and are being replaced by more of a ‘Lifestyle’ feel… Spontaneous, but directed… Natural… Fun…

Any website set up horror stories or advice?

Always work with someone who you feel is hearing you and respecting your ideas!!

How do you market your business? What have you discovered works best for you and also, what definitely does not work?

I have been incredibly fortunate through word-of-mouth referrals. I do a bit of marketing on Facebook, but that takes a distant second place to referrals. I’ve also been so lucky in that all my clients have become dear friends! While Instagram works for many photographers, since I cater to a specialized group, I find that it is a bit too broad of a search for people to find me… I do still use it for business and personal to help define my brand, but as far as marketing, facebook is where it is at for me.

Is there anything you wish you had known before you set up your company?

I’m not as business savvy as I wish… I read and take online classes to help me bolster my know-how, but I still find the business side is not intuitive to me! I’m working on it, though!

Where would you like to see HEATHER MOBLEY PHOTOGRAPHY in 10 years time?

I only ever want to be producing images I love and my clients love, but as far as a business plan, I’d love to be specializing in photographing High School Seniors, weddings, and engagements…

Any final words or advice for our group members?

Never give up on your dream.