International Women in Business Madrid




International Women in Business – Madrid offers support and guidance to working women resident in Madrid, many of whom are freelancers, run their own business or are thinking of doing so in the near future.  We believe that supportive relationships are essential to our business success.

To promote this,  we host fun, informative events in English on business skills and best practices. At each event, we strongly encourage interaction and relationship-building. Our goal is that you leave each meeting inspired and with lots of new contacts. So far, it is working! In its first year as a group, IWB-Madrid members have formed partnerships, found clients and improved their businesses through connections made in the group.

We have no issue with men (many of us have several!) but recognize that women often face unique challenges, from juggling work and family life to battling prejudices against female company owners if you don’t know what we mean, see Dame Stephanie Shirley’s excellent Ted talk “Why do ambitious women have flat heads?” that are not always addressed in traditional entrepreneurship groups.

Although the focus is on Madrid’s international community we very much welcome Spanish women who have international experience and a global outlook.  We pride ourselves on being friendly, supportive and a whole lot of fun!

To join us, simply sign up, join our Facebook group or come by one of our upcoming events to find out more.